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Poor feeshy.

Toilet bowl funeral.

sex my mind nevermore
minority state
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All Members , Moderated
This is the community for the cool Minority Cats of Gilbert. You are probably not cool enough to join but you can always try.
Here is what you must fill out:
1. How did you hear about this communititty
2. Why do you want to join?
3. What is your ethnic background?
4. Are you Russian?
5. What kind of cereal do you like?
6. What makes you special enough to join?
7. What is victoria's secret?
8. Did you know we watch you?
9. Post at least 47 pictures of yourself. 14 must be nude, 2 of your feet, and 1 of your nipples, BEHIND AN LJ CUT OF COURSE. and no fucked up photoshop work. The rest are your choice.
10. What would you do with a box full of nothing